Slot Casino Ultimate Guide

Have you heard of Slot Casino? Most likely the answer is no as not many players, even the top players online, know about this new online casino game. The quickest way to earn money on casino games was and always will be on slot machines. And why you waste your time going to an actual casino when you can play all available casino-based games from your home on a phone or computer online. All you need is an account and a device to play it on, and this may be any Android phone or iPhone. We created this guide to help people become our member by showing them the rules and benefits from our casino games.
Where to Start?
If you have a couple of hours to spend every day on watching television or reading the news, you will have time to play slot cash games and get a chance to win progressive pokies jackpot that is available every day. If you have a laptop or a desktop you can find it online. 170144-pokiesIf you prefer to keep your gambling career on your phone, you can download it from the market for free. Once you start playing, you won’t be able to stop, as every other turn gives you a chance to double you win and regain your loss or double the amount of chips that you’ve invested. So why wait? Try some of the best casino games on slot cash servers and get your luck running.

Best tactics for slot machines.

imageSlot machines games that you can find online work in the principle as the ones found in casinos. You’ve probably seen people playing on one slot machine for hours hoping for a jackpot. Once they give up a second person starts playing on it and they get jackpot in the first run. This happens a lot and player that give up hope and step down from a machine they’ve been using for hours only give more chance to next player to win the jackpot. Every machine has a limited number of turns after which a jackpot activates. Knowing this you can use it to your advantage.

How to increase your chance for a jackpot?

When you choose pokies casino online, you should pick the one with a higher number of games on their list. Most of this games will be virtual slot machines, and more slot machines give you higher chances for a jackpot. Now the trick is to use as many slot machines as you can by playing not more than two rolls.

One of those slot machines in the list must be close to a jackpot, and by switching to a next one you can play it at the right moment when the limit reaches its peak so that you get a jackpot. This technique is proving to be quite effective, and not many players know about it.

Now that you know how to play online slot machines like a professional player you can start making real money.

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Online casino and bonuses you may want to use

Every online casino has bonuses, and it is rather foolish not to use them, no matter what some people say. A real boost to your account money is always welcome. It gives you the freedom to play more aggressively without investing too much of your money.
Before we venture further down this lane, we must remind you of the special requirements every bonus has. Different types of elements exist, but in general, you will probably stumble on one of the three most common conditions. One kind of the situation involves the amount of bonus money. For example, if you receive 100 dollars on your deposit and the status states “20x” then you will have to wager two thousand dollars before you gain access to that money (when we say access we mean the ability to withdraw it). welcome-bonusesThe second type of the condition is similar to the first one, but it includes the deposit money in the wager. For instance, you deposit 100 dollars and gain 200 dollars as a bonus and the conditions is “20x”, that means wagering of 6 thousand dollars before you unlock that money. The final form of the requirement is the restricted number of spins (or other actions) you can perform with that money. Once you reach the stated number the money, you received for free, disappears.
bonus-1Now, different types of bonuses exist, and not all of them are necessary. We will make a list and explain each and every one of them. It will be up to you to choose which bonus to use, once you start playing.
A sticky bonus gives you money that you can’t withdraw. You can play with that money, but you can’t withdraw the winnings you achieve with it. Once you reach the requirement for this bonus, every dollar over it will be yours to keep. These bonuses disappear after a certain amount of time.
Exclusive bonuses give you certain amount of money to play with. They have enormous requirements, but they also give you a lot of money. They aren’t regular, and they may be restricted to a particular tier of players within the casino itself.
Free money is, in most cases, received upon the deposit. In this instance, you are aware of the amount of money, and you receive depending on the amount you deposit. This is also a way in which casinos divide their players into levels. More you deposit, the bonus gets better, and you receive some other benefits.
платежи1Some gifts don’t require a deposit. Players who invest a lot of money into their playing may receive money for their loyalty. To be able to receive this bonus you must make significant deposits on a regular basis.
Casinos will, sometimes, post free money on their website. You can claim these funds either through a social network or email. In both cases, it is a limited offer, and only the fastest people get money (limited number).
In both of these cases, as in all other bonus types, you have the prerequisites to unlock the money.

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Mobile or PC gambling – what is better?

Gambling has always been one of the very popular pastime activities among all sorts of people. Some gamble for fun, betting small sums of money, while others are “big players”, betting and winning thousands of dollars a day. In addition to traditional brick-and-mortar casinos, thanks to the modern age, gambling has become available in some other ways. There are plenty of casino websites which allow playing casino games over the Internet – through a browser or through software installed on a PC. Many online casinos also offer apps for users to download on their mobile devices, and this puts gambling onto a whole new level. Since mobile and PC gambling seem to be the gambling methods of the future, in this article we will compare these two methods and explore their positive and negative sides.

Security is the first aspect we will deal with. There are plenty of online casinos which offer great service to their users, together with the security of their personal and transaction data. Of course, it is vital to register with a casino like this, so you can avoid any inconveniences and problems. Reliable and reputable online casinos always offer mobile apps for their games, which can be installed on mobile devices with different operative systems. If you download the app from a reputable casino, then both PC and mobile gambling will be a positive and safe experience. Once you find a reputable casino, it is fairly easy to find its mobile app and download it. However, mobile apps can be found on other sources as well, such as Apple or Google Store. They offer many casino apps, both for real gambling and just for fun. Therefore, we can say that it is slightly easier to find and download mobile casino apps. Still, make sure to download the apps from reliable sources only, in order not to infect your device with a virus or to put your personal data in danger. Fakti-par-azartspelem-5Quality of apps largely depends on the online casino. There are some online casinos that offer great games on their website or on a PC software, while their mobile versions of games are poorly designed or not very responsive. Therefore, if you are thinking between playing casino games on a PC and playing on a mobile device, this may be a factor that can influence your choice so that it falls on PC gambling.
Mobility is one of the greatest advantages of mobile gambling. With a mobile app, you can play the casino games literally everywhere. If you play for real money and have an app connected to your account with an online casino, all you need is a Wi-Fi network, so you can play just like home on your computer.

The choice of games is the last aspect we will consider. Online casinos offer the same games like the brick-and-mortar ones, so you can play them when you register on the casino’s website. These games can also be found in mobile version, so you can download an app for Android pokies, roulette, poker and many other games. Android casino games can be played for real money, while Apple is restrictive about this, which again gives a slight advantage to PC online gambling.
Whichever gambling type you decide to choose, there are plenty of options and a great choice of games. Make sure to find a reliable casino, and you will certainly enjoy the experience of gambling online.

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High roller pokies – top three

Beginner pokie players might not have heard about the high roller pokies. These machines and online games are reserved for elite gamblers, the people who spend a lot of money on playing pokies but also expect to grab the biggest prizes. The high roller pokies are developed for people like these, and they feature the slot games with the highest coin limits, but also promising the biggest jackpots. The great amounts of money involved in these games also give the greatest level of thrill and excitement, so these games are not for the faint of heart or people with shallow pockets.
These pokie games can be found in many online casinos but, as we said, they are reserved only for the customers who spend the most money. Here we will present the most famous of the high roller pokies, three of them, to be exact.
Atomic Age pokie is a game designed and developed by Rival Gaming Casinos. Today, it is one of the most popular pokies you can find. choosing-online-casinosThe price you have to pay for a single spin is 75$, so this game is a quite expensive way to have fun. But, for a price as high as this, the game has to offer something in return, and it does. The graphics and the sound, both designed to provide a amazing gaming experience, are simply phenomenal. The usual coin denomination is 1& and, as we said, the bet limit is 75 dollars per spin. The theme the pokie machine is built around is the Atomic age of the 1950’s, and the United States popular culture from that period.

Next is the Cool Bananas game. The game theme features King Kong, the king of the apes and his favorite food. You guessed it – bananas.The game developer Cryptologic, also responsible for the Marvel slots range featuring everybody’s favorite super heroes, really did an amazing job with this game. It is a five reel slot with nine paylines. It also features a bonus game and the possibility of a free spin. It won the gambling community due to the excellent graphics and a user-friendly interface, but the main feature is the 180$ price to spin the wheel! But, your 180 dollars invested might bring you a mind altering 200.000& jackpot if the symbols stack up in a specific way.

Last, but not least, we present the Bally Gaming pokie game. This game is designed for the high rollers since the price to spin the wheel is a crazy 1000$. This was the first pokie that broke the thousand dollar barrier, and it quickly became famous all around the world. Three reels have to be placed parallel to win the jackpot.
Even if you are not a high roller, and you play the game of online pokies just for the fun of it, it is fun to know that there are people who enjoy to play online pokies with such high stakes.

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Android Pokies – How and where to play

You like gambling, slot machines, and poker. You can’t stand casinos and the crowd there. Android pokies are the answer for all the troubles you go through. Pokies first arrived at the PC and laptops, but their fame forced the developers to find a way to shift their games to Android devices. And for over five years we have those games on smartphones.

Real money gambling requires registering with a credit card or another proven payment method. But if you are going to use real money then choose reliable casinos. Every casino that has fewer than 50 games is unreliable, and you risk losing your money for nothing.

welcomeYou can play pokies for fun, without using money and for some people that are enough. Other people find that money adds to the excitement. You can invest a small amount of money and play to stay on the positive side. Many people that gamble opts for bigger investment with the aim of earning money in the process of playing. That isn’t a smart thing to do, but you have limits then it might be a good source of fun.

jackpots-400x300We can talk about several sources of android pokies. You got standard three reel design from Australia, themed games that come through Royal Vegas, high deposit Jackpot City games as well as games found in Spin Palace Casino. It might not look so, but there is a broad range of pokies on the market.

Pokies existed long before they became famous. But the real recognition started in Australia. Australians were crazy about slots, and as soon as they got the chance, they launched them online. This was the beginning of the online pokies wave that still lasts. The original three reels pokies were the beginning, but the majority of the games today come with five reels. This evolution changed the face of pokies as it allowed the introduction of numerous bonuses and new winning lines.

royal-vegas-lobbyRoyal Vegas Casino is a great place to start playing pokies. Download of the software and short sign-up is everything that stands between you and 1200 dollars of a free bonus. This casino also has an excellent customer support that is active throughout the day. You can contact them if you have some problems or if you don’t understand some mechanics of the software. They will be there to answer all of your questions.

The best way to play pokies is to find an online casino that is an extension of an existing one. Jackpot City is the casino that has been in the top of online gambling since 1998. They were some of the first casinos that started their online trade, and they still offer superior service.

Spin Palace Casino is another well known and well respected online casino. Bayton Ltd. Are the party that created it in 2001, and they are still running it. The lack of negative comments on the internet and overall positive feedback found in the reviews shows the real face of this casino.

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What kind of online pokies can you play?

Playing pokies online allow you to enjoy all the perks of playing classic pokies from your home. But, that’s not all. Just being able to go to a particular casino web page and play pokies there instead of going to the casino is a great advantage but it’s far from the last.

Since the simulations of the most popular pokies are now shown on a screen, the possibility of updating the game, changing it or making a new one is a lot easier. You don’t need another machine, no new equipment installation, just adding another game to the site. This makes the varieties on the pokies sites grow in numbers all the time.


2013328224117-microgaming-slot-cash-splashDeriving from the first pokies ever made 100 years ago, the standard pokies with three reels is also known as classic pokies. They are the ones you could have seen your grandpa playing, and now you can see their shinier and updated versions available to you. They look the same at times, but there are also modified versions with skulls, cars, balls or any other theme imaginable thrown into a mix. There are also slight variations to the game thrown in: multiple pay lines, bonuses, and extras.
Pokies with three reels are definitively the most common ones you can find since they represent a part of pokies history.


Just like the video machines of the 80’s brought video poker and unique features, the same holds true with the five reeled pokies. They present a twist on the classic 3-reelers, with more bonuses, wild symbols, multipliers and many other novelties.
wicked-circus_screens_gameplay_1024x572Different from 3-reel pokies, these have 5 or more spinning fields and a thousand ways to get a win. The game is not so classic, and there are many different rules and specialties from game to game. These differences make them more or less attractive for some players.

Progressive online pokies

Aztec-treasure-progressive-Online-Pokies-3Progressive pokies jackpot is something that many people dream of winning. The winning pool in this type of game starts off big, and it keeps getting bigger. It can be bound to your machine only and swell after each game you play, or it can be interconnected between a lot of other players, making the value of the jackpot rise very high very fast. These jackpots can go up to reach millions of dollars as a prize and represent the dream of every pokies player.

MegaSpin is a combined game where you can choose several different online pokies at the same time. You can choose and combine your favorite pokies, up to nine of them and then watch them spinning, all at the same time, allowing you to win multiple times in one go.
You can combine 3-reel, 5-reel pokies as well as some others and then see if this approach makes you wealthy. The beauty of the MegaSpin game is that there is so much happening in front of you, while the chances of you winning are rising all the time.

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