What kind of online pokies can you play?

Playing pokies online allow you to enjoy all the perks of playing classic pokies from your home. But, that’s not all. Just being able to go to a particular casino web page and play pokies there instead of going to the casino is a great advantage but it’s far from the last.

Since the simulations of the most popular pokies are now shown on a screen, the possibility of updating the game, changing it or making a new one is a lot easier. You don’t need another machine, no new equipment installation, just adding another game to the site. This makes the varieties on the pokies sites grow in numbers all the time.


2013328224117-microgaming-slot-cash-splashDeriving from the first pokies ever made 100 years ago, the standard pokies with three reels is also known as classic pokies. They are the ones you could have seen your grandpa playing, and now you can see their shinier and updated versions available to you. They look the same at times, but there are also modified versions with skulls, cars, balls or any other theme imaginable thrown into a mix. There are also slight variations to the game thrown in: multiple pay lines, bonuses, and extras.
Pokies with three reels are definitively the most common ones you can find since they represent a part of pokies history.


Just like the video machines of the 80’s brought video poker and unique features, the same holds true with the five reeled pokies. They present a twist on the classic 3-reelers, with more bonuses, wild symbols, multipliers and many other novelties.
wicked-circus_screens_gameplay_1024x572Different from 3-reel pokies, these have 5 or more spinning fields and a thousand ways to get a win. The game is not so classic, and there are many different rules and specialties from game to game. These differences make them more or less attractive for some players.

Progressive online pokies

Aztec-treasure-progressive-Online-Pokies-3Progressive pokies jackpot is something that many people dream of winning. The winning pool in this type of game starts off big, and it keeps getting bigger. It can be bound to your machine only and swell after each game you play, or it can be interconnected between a lot of other players, making the value of the jackpot rise very high very fast. These jackpots can go up to reach millions of dollars as a prize and represent the dream of every pokies player.

MegaSpin is a combined game where you can choose several different online pokies at the same time. You can choose and combine your favorite pokies, up to nine of them and then watch them spinning, all at the same time, allowing you to win multiple times in one go.
You can combine 3-reel, 5-reel pokies as well as some others and then see if this approach makes you wealthy. The beauty of the MegaSpin game is that there is so much happening in front of you, while the chances of you winning are rising all the time.

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