High roller pokies – top three

Beginner pokie players might not have heard about the high roller pokies. These machines and online games are reserved for elite gamblers, the people who spend a lot of money on playing pokies but also expect to grab the biggest prizes. The high roller pokies are developed for people like these, and they feature the slot games with the highest coin limits, but also promising the biggest jackpots. The great amounts of money involved in these games also give the greatest level of thrill and excitement, so these games are not for the faint of heart or people with shallow pockets.
These pokie games can be found in many online casinos but, as we said, they are reserved only for the customers who spend the most money. Here we will present the most famous of the high roller pokies, three of them, to be exact.
Atomic Age pokie is a game designed and developed by Rival Gaming Casinos. Today, it is one of the most popular pokies you can find. choosing-online-casinosThe price you have to pay for a single spin is 75$, so this game is a quite expensive way to have fun. But, for a price as high as this, the game has to offer something in return, and it does. The graphics and the sound, both designed to provide a amazing gaming experience, are simply phenomenal. The usual coin denomination is 1& and, as we said, the bet limit is 75 dollars per spin. The theme the pokie machine is built around is the Atomic age of the 1950’s, and the United States popular culture from that period.

Next is the Cool Bananas game. The game theme features King Kong, the king of the apes and his favorite food. You guessed it – bananas.The game developer Cryptologic, also responsible for the Marvel slots range featuring everybody’s favorite super heroes, really did an amazing job with this game. It is a five reel slot with nine paylines. It also features a bonus game and the possibility of a free spin. It won the gambling community due to the excellent graphics and a user-friendly interface, but the main feature is the 180$ price to spin the wheel! But, your 180 dollars invested might bring you a mind altering 200.000& jackpot if the symbols stack up in a specific way.

Last, but not least, we present the Bally Gaming pokie game. This game is designed for the high rollers since the price to spin the wheel is a crazy 1000$. This was the first pokie that broke the thousand dollar barrier, and it quickly became famous all around the world. Three reels have to be placed parallel to win the jackpot.
Even if you are not a high roller, and you play the game of online pokies just for the fun of it, it is fun to know that there are people who enjoy to play online pokies with such high stakes.

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